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  1. Query: How to use it

  2. Search: How to use it?

  3. Query: How to delete a saved query?

  4. Export Data: How to Bulk Download

  5. Navigation: How to find a dataset from the Home page

  6. Query: How to find the indicator for which I want data?

  7. Query: How to select multiple indicators

  8. Query: How to select the countries for which I want data?

  9. Query: How to select time and frequencies for which I want data?

  10. Query: How to change the font and font size?

  11. Query: How to change the number of decimal places?

  12. Table: How to export data from Tables

  13. Query: How to change the units

  14. Query: How to export my Query table into Excel

  15. Query: How to save queries

  16. Query: How to retrieve longer historical data series for a dataset

  17. Search Tips

  18. Browser Compatibility

  19. Query: How to create a Pie chart

  20. Query: How to create a Rating chart

  21. Query: How to create a Table

  22. Query: How to create Stacked bar

  23. Query: How to create Stacked column

  24. Query: How to create Area

  25. Query: How to create Column

  26. Query: How to create Bar

  27. Query: How to create Line

  28. Query: How to create Spline

  29. Query: How to create Scatter chart

  30. Query: How to create Bubble chart

  31. Query: How to create Treemap

  32. Query: How to create Map

  33. Query: How to change database from the query tool

  34. How do I get the underlying data in a table or a chart?

  35. Finding Data using Concept Codes

  36. Data Services

  37. Using SDMX 2.0 Web Service

  38. Using SDMX 2.1 Web Service

  39. JSON RESTful Web Service


  41. EZProxy: How to configure on the User side

  42. Table: How to select countries for which I want data

  43. Table: How to select indicators for which I want data

  44. IFS publication in PDF file – where to find

  45. Composition of Current Statistical Groups and Aggregates

  46. Bulk Download: How to extract and view data in Excel?

  47. Data services: how to get the code of a dataset and a list of all dimensions and elements?

  48. Workbook: How to show additional attributes (Country Name, Indicator Name, Database, etc.)?

  49. Workbook: How to add an attribute (Country, Time, Frequency, etc.) to a Series Tree?

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