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BOP/IIP: Accessing data vintages and print-ready data tables (PDF)

To access data vintages, print-ready data tables, and methodological information for BOP/IIP please navigate to the "Archive" tab of BOP/IIP dataset portal by clicking on "Archive".

On the "Archive" tab, you will see five sections:
  1. Publications and Methodological Notes
    This section is new and contains BOP yearbooks (2017 and 2018 editions) as well as vintages of the BOP Introductory Notes (starting October 2018). A new vintage of the BOP Introductory Notes will be made available whenever a change to the text is necessary. The final vintage of the BOP Yearbook (BOP 2018) will be published in November 2018. From 2019 onwards, only updates to Introductory Notes, metadata, and data will be published.
  2. Metadata
    This section is new and provides access to vintages of BOP country metadata through reports.
  3. Metadata collected prior to 2012
    This section was moved from the "Metadata" tab to the "Archive" tab and now contains only metadata for countries that have not provided metadata since 2011.
  4. Query or Download Data
    This section remains unchanged and provides access to monthly and annual vintages of BOP databases through the Query and Bulk Download interfaces. Please note that this section is now located in the center column of the page.
  5. Country and World Tables in PDF Format
    This new section on the right-hand side of the page contains a list of annual vintages of BOP country and world tables (as in the yearbooks).
    -- To find the country and vintage you are looking for, you can either scroll and/or use the pagination, or you can use the country and vintage filters for annual tables (6) to select the countries and/or vintages to be displayed in the list. (Currently, the vintage filter is not yet displayed, as only one vintage is available (2018).)
    -- To download and open a particular data table in PDF format, click on the respective country/vintage combination in the list.

The PDF files very closely resemble the printed world and country tables in the BOP Yearbook. 

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