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Query: How to select the countries for which I want data?

On left side, under �the Data View� pane, place your cursor over the �Country attribute.  Thereafter, click on the filter icon, as shown below in yellow.

Setting up 
  1. If applicable, deselect all pre-selected countries/entities by clicking on None.
  2. “Right-click” on Country Filter list to filter countries through the following options: ·         
  • Attribute: gives users the ability to change the presentation of data according to listed choices – for example, Country Code, ISO Codes, SDMX Code, etc. Users are able to select the country list with a presentation or code they wish to display.   ·        
  • Hierarchy: provides a list of pre-determined groupings of countries organized by hierarchy and specific to each dataset. · 
  • Groups: provides a list of predetermined country grouping, for example,G20 or Regional Groups.  Users are able tuse the ‘exclude’ option to filter out selected countries.

Finishing up
  1. Scroll through the Country list within the country filter and check/filled-in the spaces to indicate selection.
  2. Once all desired country(-ies) get selected, click on APPLY and OK.
Use the search box to quickly find countries.  

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