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Query: How to find the indicator for which I want data?

On left side, under the �Data View� pane, place your cursor over the �Indicator attribute. Click on the filter icon as shown below.

Setting up 
  1. If applicable, deselect all pre-selected indicator (s) by clicking on 'None'.
  2. “Right-click” on Indicator Filter list to filter indicators through the following options: ·         
  • Attribute: gives users the ability to change the presentation of data according to listed choices – for example, indicator code, descriptor etc. Users are able to select the indicator list with a presentation or code that they wish to display.         
  • Hierarchy: provides a list of predetermined grouping of indicators organized by hierarchy and specific to a dataset.

  • Groups: provides a list of predetermined grouping of indicators which are specific to a dataset.

Finishing up
  1. Scroll through the Indicator list within the indicator filter and check/filled-in the spaces to indicate selection.
  2. Once all desired indicator(s) get selected, click on APPLY and OK.
Use the search box to quickly find indicators.  

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