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Search Tips

When using Search, please keep in mind some basic tips to help you easily find your data.

1.       Keep it simple – use few but descriptive words, as necessary.  For example, GDP, CPI, Trade, Rates, etc.

2.       Choose words carefully  - choose words that are likely to appear together. 
For example; Share Prices vs. Prices; Exchange Rates vs. Interest Rates, etc.

3.       Mind your spelling – the search does not autofill or auto correct misspelt words or concepts.

4.       Use conjunctions to reduce and fine tune the search results.
  • AND [capitalized]: to search for both terms.  E.g. 'Gross Domestic Product' AND 'seasonal' will provide a list of results for seasonally [adjusted] GDP.
  • NOT [capitalized]: will exclude the desired term.  E.g. 'GDP' NOT 'seasonal' will exclude all seasonally [adjusted] GDP.
  • OR [capitalized]: will return all instances with the term. E.g. 'GDP' OR 'seasonal' will provide a list of results for all indicators with either GDP or seasonal in their descriptor.

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