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Navigation: How to find a dataset from the Home page

From the IMF Data Portal landing page, users can navigate and find available data through various channels.  

These channels include the following:

1. Predefined Data Tables that have been created based on users’ feedback and usually includes indicator, country, and time period. Users may be able to change the indicator, country or time in most data tables.  

2. Dataset tab which list of all of the available datasets in alphabetical order

Data Topic  tab which lists and differentiates all of the available datasets by sector (External, Financial, Fiscal, or Real Sector).  

4. Search function allows users to search for a dataset; the same functionality also provides users the ability to search for indicators, data reports and presentations, news and/or documents.  For more on Search, please refer to the following article: 'How to Search'.

4. Users can also refer to the IMF.ORG list of databases here.


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