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Data Services

Our data are available through APIs/Data Services. These allow machine-to-machine communication of data. You can use Data Services to import data from databases available on into your data systems or applications. Developers can build applications and integrate IMF data into those applications via Data Services.

The Data Services are .NET Framework 4.5 applications.

Please note that the old IMF SDMX web service that was previously available at is no longer supported.

Also, please be aware of the following rate limits and throttle your requests accordingly:
  • 10 requests in 5 second window from one user (IP)
  • 50 requests per second overall on the application

NEW: To keep up-to-date on changes to the data services such as new releases, new features, bug fixes, code changes, etc., please refer to the IMF Data Services News page.

Developers can use Data Services to make applications with the ability to import data from the repository databases in the SDMX formats 2.0 (as ASP.NET, WCF, or RESTFUL Services), SDMX 2.1 and JSON Restful. The specifications can be accessed through the API tab located at the top of each dataset.

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