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Data services: how to get the code of a dataset and a list of all dimensions and elements?

1. Use the GetDataflow method to get the list of available datasets. This method can be performed through SDMX 2.0, SDMX 2.1, or JSON RESTful Web Service, and one may find detailed instructions on how to use the Services in the following links:

              -      Using SDMX 2.0 Web Service

              -      Using SDMX 2.1 Web Service

           -     JSON RESTful Web Service

2. With the GetDataStructure method and the dataset ID code obtained in step 1, get the data structure (=dimensions, code lists) of a dataset.

3. With the information from steps 1 and 2, use the GetCodeList method to retrieve the list of elements available in a dimension/code list
 in a dataset, e.g. retrieve the list of all countries, the list of all indicators etc. (with codes and names)

 Use the information from steps 1, 2, and 3 to retrieve data.

-       If you use the SDMX 2.0 Web Service, use the GetCompactData or GetGenericData methods to retrieve data.

-       If you use the SDMX 2.1 Web Service, use the GetStructureSpecificTimeSeriesData method to retrieve data.

-       If you use the JSON Web Service, use the GetCompactData method to retrieve data.

NOTE: To get data for a particular time series, specify the corresponding value for each dimension of the dataset (apart from time) in the query.

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