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BPM6 historical data release

In response to strong user demands for longer time series of BPM6-basis estimates, starting with the September 2015 data release, IFS and BOP datasets include economies’ official pre-2005 BPM6-basis estimates and pre-2005 BPM6-basis estimates converted, in consultation with national compilers, by STA from a BPM5-basis. STA continues to update its databases with BPM6-based official country estimates as these become available.

The splice point between official BPM6-basis estimates and STA converted BPM6-basis estimates are flagged at the observation level and all products include a metadata table detailing the start date of economies’ official BPM6-basis estimates. (upper right of the BOP data portal)

Also, beginning with the July 2015 data release, The IMF Statistics Department (STA), in line with the BPM6 methodology, excludes migrants’ transfers from BPM6-basis estimates converted by STA from BPM5-basis data. These BPM5 transactions were imputed and remained in the converted BPM6 estimates for the transition period 2012 – 2015.  

Coinciding with the release of pre-2005 BPM6 estimates the historical BPM5 basis data series on the IFS and BOPS CD ROMs and in the IMF eLibrary Data have been removed.

The Balance of Payments Statistics dataset can be found here.

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