Search: How to use it?

The IMF Data Portal Search Page is the main interface of all and any search inquiries. 

Search is applied across all variables, and across all available datasets, to create a comprehensive list on all possible fits. [see Search Tips]

There are four main components of the Search Page. 

Data Presentations

Data Presentations provides a list of all matching portals and data reports. You have the option to further filter the list to either specific Datasets or Topics. Selecting a choice will open a corresponding portal or data report.

Time Series

Time Series is the most granular data search available.  The search contains all possible matches to an indicators’ descriptor. 

The resulting list will be a list of indicators along with information on its dataset and the range of available data. You also have the option to filter the search to be within a certain dataset.

Selecting an indicator allows users to directly interact with the time series. A country control is provided to allow for a sample preview of the data across time.

Users are able to add desired indicators to a workbook for further analysis. Workbooks can be found under My Data and can only be accessed with a login. 


Dataset search is the highest level of search.

The result is a list of all datasets where the search criterion is relevant. You also have the option to limit the list of datasets to be within a certain topic. If available, a dataset with a corresponding data portal will be a clickable link.

Users also have the option to bulk download data.  Please note that bulk download can only be triggered once a user has accessed the IMF data portal site with a login.

News or Documents

In addition to data, users will also have access to a variety of literature that supports the data.  News and documents associated with a particular dataset are featured, as relevant, within a portal. Methodological manuals, press releases, companion guides are just a sample of documents available.

The results list news or documents which are most relevant based on the provided criterion. In both cases users have the option to filter searches based on Datasets or Topics.  However, under documents, you have the additional choice to filter based on available Categories, of which News is one.

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