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Query: How to create Stacked bar

Stacked bar: A collection of data presented in horizontal rows (shown on the Y Axis and the Legend), demonstrating how each selected component is compared to its whole.

Stacked bar Instructions - The sample chart uses the International Financial Statistics dataset and displays data for the United Kingdom's trade volume from 2009 through 2013.

Users may follow the steps below to replicate the following chart. 

Select Stacked bar from 

Step 1: Select time
Step 2: Select country
  • Click on the plus sign next to Legend and select Country
  • In the Country attribute, click on 
  • From the pop up dialogue box, search for United Kingdom, and then select the country by checking the box right besides its name. Click Apply and OK. 
  • For detailed instructions: Query: How to select the countries for which I want data?
Step 3: Select indicator
  • Click on the plus sign next to Legend and select Indicator       
  • In the Indicator attribute, click on  
  • Within the pop up dialogue, do a right click, go to Hierarchy and select Default.  Thereafter, do the following:
  • Click on National Accounts, then
  • Click on Expenditures, then
  • Click on Nominal, then
  • Click on External Sector, Nominal, then
  • Select the following indicators: "Exports of Goods and Services, Seasonally adjusted, National Currency" and "Imports of Goods and Services, Seasonally adjusted, National Currency".  Click Apply and OK. 

  • To quickly find an indicator, country or time period, use the provided search box. 
  • Place cursor over the 'play' icon to see the graph change over time or select each year separately to view it.
  • The system allows dragging and dropping variables between attributes (or by clicking on the wheel icon ) in the Data View pane for different results.

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