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Query: How to create Line

Line: A display of data points called 'markers', connected by straight line segments.

Line Instructions - The sample chart uses the International Financial Statistics dataset and displays data for G-7 countries' unemployment rate (percent) from 2009 through 2013.

Users may follow the steps below to replicate the following chart. 

Select Line from 

Step 1: Select time
Step 2: Select country
  • Click on the plus sign next to Legend and select Country
  • Place cursor over Country and click on 
  • From the pop up dialogue box select the following countries:
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Click Apply and OK. 
Step 3: Select indicator
  • Click on the plus sign next to Fixed and select Indicator       
  • Place cursor over Indicator, and click on 
  • From the pop up dialogue, do a right click, go Hierarchy and select Default.  Thereafter, do the following: 
  • Click on Labor Markets
  • Click on Unemployment Persons, Number
  • Select the following indicator: "Unemployment Rate, Percent".  Click Apply and OK. 

  • To quickly find an indicator, country or time period, use the provided search box. 
  • Place cursor over the 'play' icon to see the graph change over time or select each year separately to view it.
  • The system allows dragging and dropping variables between attributes (or by clicking on the wheel icon ) in the Data View pane for different results.

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