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Query: How to create Treemap

Treemap: Presents hierarchical data using nested rectangles. 

Treemap chart Instructions - The sample chart uses the International Financial Statistics dataset and presents countries' exports, f.o.b. data in 2002, 2003, and 2004. This treemap contains data on one level only.

Users may follow the steps below to replicate the following chart. 

Select Treemap from View

Step 1: Select country
Step 2: Select indicator
Step 3: Select time
  • To quickly find an indicator, country or time period, use the provided search box. 
  • Place cursor over the 'play' icon to see the graph change over time or select each year separately to view it.
  • The system allows dragging and dropping variables between attributes (or by clicking on the wheel icon ) in the Data View pane for different results.

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